Iran Update: The Crackdown Continues

The situation is only getting worse for Iranians contesting the June 12 election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. » 6/27/09 6:09am 6/27/09 6:09am

Run For Your Lives! The Dreaded Elephandas are Loose!

Part elephant and part panda, a group of elephandas, the most menacing of beasts, has been unleashed onto the good people of Thailand. » 6/27/09 4:58am 6/27/09 4:58am

Is Depression American?

Based on the results of a new study, psychologist Randolph Nesse has developed a hypothesis linking depression to the ability to discard unreachable goals, which, apparently, is an American specialty. » 6/27/09 4:01am 6/27/09 4:01am

‘Boob’ Cloud Mystery Gets Bouncier, More Firm

As reader Ivan points out, those clouds above SoHo are mammatocumuli – as in of or having to do with breasts! Here's another cool pic. » 6/27/09 1:31am 6/27/09 1:31am

Netflix Set to Award Prize in Questionable Recommendation Philosophy

Looks like Netflix might have a winner in their million dollar improve-our-movie-recommendations-software sweepstakes. And it's not some nerd toiling away with a protractor in his nerd room (nerd!). It's a whole bunch of nerds. » 6/26/09 11:57pm 6/26/09 11:57pm

The Government Might Do Something About This 'Global Warming' Thing

Earlier today, with a vote of 219 to 212, the House of Representatives narrowly passed a bill intended to take a serious look at how we're making the world a hotter place to live. » 6/26/09 9:53pm 6/26/09 9:53pm

Scientology Promises to Fill That Hole in Your Soul

Perhaps prompted by the recent exits of blabbermouths spilling secrets, controversial religion Scientology has extended another large, bony arm of its latest promotional campaign guaranteed to rope in… who knows? » 6/26/09 9:10pm 6/26/09 9:10pm